problem importing GPX from GSAK (specific geocache)

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problem importing GPX from GSAK (specific geocache) Empty problem importing GPX from GSAK (specific geocache)

Post  xelpudf on Sun Aug 07, 2011 4:24 pm

Hello, I've started to use GSAK to combine my caches into a GPX and then import them to gczii, as well as my usual gps mapping software which supports gpx for waypoints.

I noticed after adding a specific geocache to GSAK (url and cache id below), that gczii now pauses when importing the GPX (exported from GSAK) and after a few minutes says it finished. After gczii finishes the import it only lists 10 caches as being imported (the exported GPX file has roughly 60 caches in it) and then the listing of caches is empty (in addition to this, gczii behaves incorrectly. for example the screens are missing some toolboxes etc).

I was able to figure out exactly which geocache listing is causing the problem.
The geocache in question, from, is GCWCH3. Here is the url to the actual cache page, http :// . Sorry I am not able to link as I am a new forum user (7 day restriction on linking).

For the time being I will leave this entry out of my exports so that I can use gczii (it works fine when this cache is left out).


Forgot to mention my installed version of gczii. I am using gczii (STD, installed cab and then used zip to replace executable) on windows mobile. This is on an HTC Snap.

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