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Usage of the Radar Empty Usage of the Radar

Post  P5x5-User on Thu May 27, 2010 2:24 pm

The Radar screen allows you to easy get satellite or target info:
At first you should activate Menu/Touch/On, otherwise the whole screen will only work as switch for Target/Sat Info overlay.
Now it is possible to select the three modes by tapping the top reception bars. Each tap toggles Menu/View between Tracking (direction to target), Average Trace (same, but with averaged positions) and Satellites (Sky view).
In each mode the main Radar also has different touch capabilities:
  1. Tracking mode
    Green Arrow is North, Yellow dot is Sun, Red dot is target.
    Red arrow is direction to target, Blue is your heading.
    The blue disc in the middle shows the estimated precision of the GPS, it can also be seen in the bottom right corner.
    The top left numbers are distance and heading of target, top right are speed and heading of movement.
    A blue line may be visible, it shows the path you went. You may change the length of the path via menu/path.
    Bottom left shows scale for each ring of the radar, "M" is for manual scale, "A" means scale is adjusted automatically.
    By tapping the bottom right quadrant, you can switch between Manual and Auto.
    The top right quadrant toggles Sat and Target info overlay on/off.
    If on manual scale, tapping left top or bottom quadrants will increase or decrease the scale factor.
  2. Average trace mode
    Most controls and displays are as in the standard Tracking mode, except that you will see a lot of small crosses, each representing one position of the GPS.
    GCzII will average the shown positions and show this as the blue dot. This will give better results when reception is poor.
    A tap on the bottom right will reset all crosses, restarting the averaging process.
  3. Satellites View
    This one is just to show you how much satellites you 'see' and where they are.
    Blue dots show satellites in use, grey are not used. The numbers inside are the so called "Space Vehicle Number".
    The only working quadrant here is top right.

Other options only available in the menu:

  • You may switch the radar from "Heading top" to "North top".
  • You may switch Day/Night-View.


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