Moving Items between Lists.

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Moving Items between Lists. Empty Moving Items between Lists.

Post  switchez on Sat Jul 03, 2010 7:45 pm

Not sure if these are availble though I cant find them. using v0.2.35.45 on WM6 CE5.2

1. Move/Copy a Cache Item from one list to another ie: like the "add to favourites" item. make an "add to" item.
2. Is it possible to see all the Caches in a list that have been marked as found while offline, and/or upload all field notes that haven't been posted yet?

Cheers, & Thanks for a well thoughout product.


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Moving Items between Lists. Empty Re: Moving Items between Lists.

Post  PaulLoft on Wed Jul 07, 2010 2:40 am

I'll second that, would be very useful.

At the moment you have to pop the cache you want to add to your list into the favourites then merge favourites with your list to get the cache added. But then you have a 3rd merged list named with the date and time.

To be able to move caches around lists more easily would be awesome.

Would also be useful because you could have a list set up called "Found".

Then when you are working from a master list of say 200 caches, as you find each one you could quickly and easily move it to the Found list, clearing it out of the main list and making it easier to identify your found caches at the end of the day, rather than scrolling through the main list looking for the blue or red ticks.


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