Getting a proper API into the Geocaching Website

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Getting a proper API into the Geocaching Website

Post  eddiert on Wed Jun 02, 2010 10:34 pm

As long as this app continues to use screen scrapes outages will be a regular occurrence when they update the site.
What can we as users do to get them to give you a proper API that will not change to avoid this in the future?
Is this a licensing issue that the author doesn't want/can't afford to pay?
Would you like us to email the Geocaching site admins and ask for such a thing or would we like to stay low profile and continue status quo?

Please don't see this as a complaint as the functionality of the software greatly outweighs the inconvenience of waiting for a new version every once in a while. I would simply like to increase functionality while respecting the authors wishes.


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Re: Getting a proper API into the Geocaching Website

Post  SecretAgentMan on Wed Jun 09, 2010 7:22 pm


This isn't the developer of GCzII's (Gech/Tom Hiro's) forum. It was started by (I think) Andronicus because the the GCzII thread over at XDA got so long and difficult to find things in. I don't personally know if Tom even reads this forum.

I know that there have been a number of posts, mostly at XDA, about GC releasing an API to WinMo developers. I've seen posts where people have almost gone ballistic over this whole API thing (not referring to your post . . . . ones over at XDA).

I have never once seen anything that indicates Tom wants an API. He may be happy with his development as is. Windows Mobile is relatively speaking, incredibly hard to write for compared to the Android OS (or the iPhone/Touch), so he may have absolutely no interest in re-writing his WinMo app, even though all kinds of people are wanting to help him out in this regard. There may already have been some discussions between the developer and GC that we don't know about. The bottom line is that there may well be a whole bunch of folks who want to help someone who really doesn't want any help.

My thoughts are that if Tom wants some help, he knows where to find us. In the mean time, I'll just stay in the weeds and keep on caching.


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