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"Log Submit Failed" Empty "Log Submit Failed"

Post  DrRounds2 on Sun Nov 07, 2010 12:39 am

From a comment posted in the Help section of this forum...
Admin wrote:My current theory is too many trackables in my inventory.
I just confirmed that there is a issue with GCzII version
If you are holding more than 6 trackables in your Geocaching.com inventory, any attempt to post a log will fail with the error message "Log Submit Failed"
I was holding 8 trackables in my inventory. When I first discovered a posting issue, I had 12 trackables in inventory.
After reducing my inventory to 5, I found that I was able to post logs.
To verify that this corrected the problem, I posted three of my logs from today's finds via GCzII and all now posted successfully.
Since these 8 trackables were my personal collection, I have now moved them all to my "Trackables Collection" on Geocaching.com.


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"Log Submit Failed" Empty Re: "Log Submit Failed"

Post  Admin on Sun Nov 07, 2010 10:32 pm

What would be cool is if GCzII could automaticaly move items from your collection to your inventory, then log them as desired, then move it back to your collection. That would be sweet. I have 3 trackables (one for each of my kids) that I keep with me all the time. They "visit" every cache that the kids do with me. Then I have one that "visit"s each virtual cache I visit. It would be great to leave these in my collection, but I want to be able to have them visit caches.


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