Fixing the cache list distance/google maps issue

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Fixing the cache list distance/google maps issue Empty Fixing the cache list distance/google maps issue

Post  Admin on Wed Oct 27, 2010 12:02 am

For those of you who havn't upgraded to a PM and who are still stuck with this problem...
From P5x5-User over on the xda-developers forum...
Hello, Fellows,
i have just programmed a little MortScript to correct your Lists.
This enables you to sort your list even if you are a non-Premium member.

1. Download "MortScript 4.3b11" from
2. Save somewhere and unzip
3. Install the "" (if you have a Touch-Device) or "" (for Smartphones) on your device, found in Folder "CAB".
4. download my script from CLC10.mscr
5. Open the script in editor, it is a simple Textfile.
6. Change the path in the second line to wherever you store the GCzII-Data on the device. This is the Folder given in GCzII as Data storage and should contain "Cache_DB" and "Cache_List".
7. Save the file wherever you want on your device.

a) create the list(s) as you like inside of GCzII
b) Download all interesting caches (Folder icons appear in list)
c) Close GCzII
d) Start the script.
e) it asks which list to correct
f) select "Yes" on the list you want to use
g) wait. The script is slow...
h) after the list is corrected, there may be a question for the next list. continue with f)
i) the corrected list is saved under the same name but with an attached "neu", so you don't lose the original file.

The script takes the information from the XML-files of the caches and places it inside the list-XML. So this works only on caches downloaded, thus step b)

This thing is slow, maybe buggy, and comes with no warranty. So beware!
I did test and use it a lot, but there are maybe problems i did not see or something the script cannot handle. I can not be held responsible for any data loss!

In case of problems try to do it "my way":
- I usually create a list by doing a search "around me" or "around cache code"
- download all, all checkers off, so i get maps and pictures
- close GCzII
- run the script
- start GCzII and use the list as usual.

When you encounter any problems, don't wait and write me a PM, i don't look here that often.

And last: The license is: "mention me when someone sees it, and notice me when you change something"


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