Version 2010-07-18

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Version 2010-07-18

Post  Admin on Thu May 27, 2010 11:48 pm

1) Post "Need Maintenance" log issue fixed.
2) Description images not downloaded issue fixed.
(e.g GC18787,GC19D33,GC19D6V)

NOTE: If you have caches in your cache database that were downloaded after 26 June with version V0.2.45 (or older), they will crach the new versions. You need to clear your cache database. To do this, use your favorite file browser. Navigate to >>Program Files>GCzII>Cache_DB. Delete all files in that directory.

Available from all the usual places (App2Date, )

- July site update fix. Available here
- "VIEWSTATE1" issue fixed.
- Cache status icons disappear fixed.
("Mine/Found It!")
- "Cache/Form point not Found" issue fixed.
( maintenance)


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